The forgotten guardian

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 3… Guest Blogger Lyn Thurman.


By Lyn Thurman

When you grow up in the city or suburbs, you have your routes pretty much mapped out for you. There are bus routes, trains, tube trains, cycle routes, and walkways to explore. Getting from A to B is a set of logical steps based on timetables for a public transport, adventure or road systems if you prefer to travel solo. Guides, markers and signals are everywhere so if you get lost, you can generally find your way back to where you started or rerouted to where you need to go. Even if you jump in the car, you can switch on the GPS and let it guide you.

Modern day life is just like our transport systems: Busy, noisy and there’s always someone or something ready to tell us what we need and what to do. We find ourselves travelling on tracks designed by someone else and heading for a destination along with the masses.We’re…

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