AREA 52 ~ 2014 ~ The 2-Key!

That Jordan Hoggard is in mighty fine form today! 😀

On Intuition

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 4.. Guest Blogger Carolina Gonzalez.


By Carolina Gonzalez

When Bernard offered the chance to us Spiritual Bloggers to write about intuition, I have to admit I had conflicting emotions about what to write – in my experience of 24 years of being around Tarot Readers, Psychics and Pagans from all paths, intuition is one of the most misused words I have ever heard.

Many, many times, when people say “I am an intuitive ________ (insert title here)”, what they are really saying is “I have no formal training, and I have no intention of doing the required studies or participate in the required traditions to acquire the knowledge needed for this task, so I’ll just invent my ways as I go”. Before statements like this, one can only sigh and shut up, and mark off that person from the list of Practitioners You Can Trust And Recommend.

Intuition is not invention. Intuition does not give…

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Uncovering My Intuition

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 4.. Guest Blogger Diane Floerchinger.


By Diane Floerchinger

Intuition takes practice and time to develop; the more we listen the stronger the signal. Ignore it and it won’t broadcast well. With my heart shut down for so long, I had no clue that intuition even existed. When I learned to listen to the voice of my soul within, it led me confidently forward even when I did not know where I was heading. I trusted. The few times I chose to ignore it, I sensed I was going in the opposite direction yet proceeded anyway.

In order to survive a life based on fear – something worse comin’ around every corner – I learned to shut down my emotions to prevent overflow. I lived a chameleon life, blending in with my surroundings and simply playing a part in the tragedy my life was becoming.

Having submerged myself in twenty five decades worth of toxic relationships…

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Check Out the View… with Area 52

Have you visited Area 52 yet?

Area 52 cover Sun

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this…

And my first impression was… this is good… this is very good… I’ve never seen anything quite like it before…

So… my initial quote was  “Take Hoggard’s expansive mind, add his wealth of experiences, toss in some planetary influences and what do you get? Area 52 … A thought provoking and intriguing new approach to using tarot as a daily scene setter. The perfect blend of solid down to earth advice and witty cosmic ways to rock your days.”

Then I sat back and eagerly waited for the whole book to arrive… In due time it did and now I’ve had plenty of time to delve further and have spent the last week working with the daily advice that is given.

So… basically, there’s a short tarot reading for each day which consists of:

  • The Earth Year Card – which is VII The Chariot
  • 2 monthly moon Court Cards
  • 2 daily cards

Which are combined to give an overview for the day.

So… for example, today’s reading…

The Year card for 2014

Monthly Moon Court Cards for January

Daily cards for January 8

Which have been read together by Mr Hoggard to give you the following advice:

Wed Jan 8. Page of Cups ~ Queen of Wands.
It’s a great day to roll out a playful new development in a way to show how it can provide very masterful results. There are some mirrors in play today that you might want to notice though play through rather than address. Stick to your guns and don’t address every gig that tries to grab your attention away from your focus. If there were ever a day to outline technical specifications while playing in a sandbox, this is it. You might want to go mobile for a portion of the day so your office or studio provides a fresh change of pace when you return.

Now… I’m a self-confessed Mystereum junky 😀 but that’s not why I love Area 52 so much…

Why do I love Area 52?

  1. No Tarot skills required! Don’t know your Tarot? No worries! Read them like you would your daily horoscopes in the newspaper…
  2. Hoggard’s style is dynamic and upbeat, there’s a great blend of wit and wisdom.
  3. Oh… you have Tarot skills? Cool… there’s loads of opportunities for you to add your own twist and play it your way… (and no… you don’t have to use Mystereum… any deck of choice will do… or even runes or crystals… what ever floats your boat…)
  4. It’s great to use as a journal (especially if you’re like me and a bit lazy! :D) It’s been more than interesting, to read at the end of the day, look back over the day’s events and note down anything that has resonated with the card pairing for the day.
  5. I’m not much of an Astro thinker… However… for those who are, cleverly included are links to Moon sign schedules, where you can find further helpful tips.
  6. Six reasons??? Don’t you think I talk too much? Here… follow the links and go investigate for yourself…


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