On Intuition

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 4.. Guest Blogger Carolina Gonzalez.


By Carolina Gonzalez

When Bernard offered the chance to us Spiritual Bloggers to write about intuition, I have to admit I had conflicting emotions about what to write – in my experience of 24 years of being around Tarot Readers, Psychics and Pagans from all paths, intuition is one of the most misused words I have ever heard.

Many, many times, when people say “I am an intuitive ________ (insert title here)”, what they are really saying is “I have no formal training, and I have no intention of doing the required studies or participate in the required traditions to acquire the knowledge needed for this task, so I’ll just invent my ways as I go”. Before statements like this, one can only sigh and shut up, and mark off that person from the list of Practitioners You Can Trust And Recommend.

Intuition is not invention. Intuition does not give…

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