Uncovering My Intuition

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 4.. Guest Blogger Diane Floerchinger.


By Diane Floerchinger

Intuition takes practice and time to develop; the more we listen the stronger the signal. Ignore it and it won’t broadcast well. With my heart shut down for so long, I had no clue that intuition even existed. When I learned to listen to the voice of my soul within, it led me confidently forward even when I did not know where I was heading. I trusted. The few times I chose to ignore it, I sensed I was going in the opposite direction yet proceeded anyway.

In order to survive a life based on fear – something worse comin’ around every corner – I learned to shut down my emotions to prevent overflow. I lived a chameleon life, blending in with my surroundings and simply playing a part in the tragedy my life was becoming.

Having submerged myself in twenty five decades worth of toxic relationships…

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