What do you mean intuition?

Spirit & Wellness Link Party ~ Day 5… Guest Blogger Karen Sealey…
Today, I’m hanging out over at @IntuitionHost with Bernard-Charles, crystal healer & meditation coach.


By Karen Sealey

It’s a funny old word intuition and one that amuses me greatly in oh so many ways…

As a tarot reader, I get quizzed all the time on it and how I answer very much depends on the mood I’m in and it can change and vary… so… today… I offer up these random musings…

First off, I’d better come clean and get this one out of the closet… I have a hefty dose of Science in my academic background, which probably accounts for some of my reluctance to explain to other people how I define intuition. The definition of the word is…

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

And that goes against the grain of a Science brain, that’s been steered into analysing and measuring and quantifying… Or does it? At first glance maybe… but dig a bit deeper and…

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