A little reading with Navajo Estsanatlehi

I love it when I get to hear about how people are using my spreads… Meet Bernard… He plays in style!


My super neat friend shares sexy awesome card spreads! This month was a little different though as she encouraged us to open our energy to the Navajo goddess, Estsanatlehi aka Changing Woman in a childish way.

changing woman card reading  photo

In perfect love and perfect trust, I did.

After I laid the cards down and accepted the one that flew on my bed last night, I closed my eyes. Excited for life. Anxious for change.

Changing Woman, I screamed!

I pointed with my magical index finger to each card and a word suddenly slipped from my breath.

To be honest, my #selfiereadings have been non-existent recently. Too busy for me, I suppose. But I do everything for me so why should it matter? It matters.

My preferred deck for thyself is Shadowscapes. The fine whimsical lines reminds me of magic and enchantment. That’s what makes it so maturely child-like. It’s a deck suitable for adults that want to reconnect…

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