The Myth of Fairy Tale Romance Vs The Magic of Modern Love

I’m super delighted to be over at Bernard’s place today, to guest blog on myth and magic…


Magic + Myth : A Spirit and Wellness Guest Post
by Karen Sealey

Alchemical KissIt’s taken me a while to plump for a direction.

You see when myth and magic are part of your bread and butter living there are many slants to choose. I had several rough drafts of this post laying around but none of them inspired me enough.

Lacking a certain spark.

Failing to ignite a passion.

I closed down all the open windows and flicked through Facebook nearly punching the screen!

Until I found my fuel.

Making its way down my newsfeed was a picture by Jack Vettriano. Two figures lips locked on a railway station, the curvy woman held aloft by a chiselled chin man clutching a bunch of roses. Now the picture in itself didn’t really move me that much. Sure it had an aesthetic appeal if you like that kind of thing, but the words that went with it…

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