:: the language revolution :: conversations with Enrique Enriquez

This is a delightful interview…

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Interview by DAN

english version by E.Enriquez :: spanish version by K.G.Treviño

englishespañol italiano











(zen queen enquires requiem quire)

II . la Papesse



maria_octavio_EE_def ph. Maria Octavio


DD. Hi Enrique, I like to start with something actual, what about your last book “Linguistick”?

EE. Linguistick is the tongue turned into a magic wand, as we see it expressed in the Ace of Batons. Linguistick is “Tarology” ‘s twin brother, its practical expression, where the tarot as an engine for thought transforms the alphabet into a grimoire. This book compiles three years of weekly emails I have sent to a private list. To be in my list a person has to send me an email telling…

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