Hark the Dark…


Welcome to the Winter Solstice tarot blog hop wrangled by our hostess with the mostess Joanne Sprott who proposed going back to the Dark Side, the Hidden Realm beneath the autumn leaves and the snow.

Well… well… well… let’s see where this goes… My initial thoughts were along – ah! Darkness… it’s the new black! but that looked like it would end up in a ramble that would take more hours to write than daylight available for this shortest day of the year and luckily or unluckily for you… a couple of days ago I went to visit a friend in her new house who invited me to talk to her while she decorated so I pretty much vented my system of snark-filled rants that had been brewing… It was a pretty joyful day filled with laugher…which is not bad going for two Grinch-minded humbuggers! But hey ho! Such is the power of emulsion, copious amounts of cups of tea and satisfying slabs of chocolate… yes yes dark… dark like my soul!

So… as it happens… today I discovered a new word, which was quite a novelty as I have slipped into a habit of just making words up… Some of you may have come across the word before, but it’s a new to me word…


It’s a Danish word and I think it’s one of those words that doesn’t quite translate literally as it sums up a feelsense and wellbeing and snugglenessness of things that make you feel cozy… And this kind of lifestlye attitude is embraced in the dark winter months and Hygge is found in comfort foods and simple pleasures that break up the general brrrrrrrrrrr of having to scrape ice off of everything and other such freezy winter delights…

So, Joanne suggested – pick a card or cards or develop a spread that you think reveals a useful message from the Dark or Hidden realm of life. What can we learn from those messages as we wait for the return of the Light, and how do you find uses for the dark times in your own life?

So here we have it…


Conveniently, the nearest deck I had to hand was the Starlight Dragon Tarot by Nora Huszka and Steph Engert.

Ok, you have me busted! It’s not so much a spread as a mandala…

In the centre there’s The Devil, which seem to be the perfect fire to sit and warm my butt to as we go into Capricorn, then I just shuffled an open invitation to see who else wanted to drop in for a chat…

So we have from top to bottom…


4 of Swords         The Hanged Man

10 of Cups        The Devil           4 of Wands

Dragon Eye          The Wheel

9 of Pentacles

Now the thing is, as much as I’d love to talk you through this, I’m losing the battle to focus and I’m giving in to looking at

*f*a*i*r*y* *l*i*g*h*t*s*


So… I’ll leave you to either work out your own musings or to just sit and enjoy the pretty colours… whichever floats your boat…

I’ve got a big fleecy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate with my name on it, and a cat purring on the back of my chair, so that’s me sorted 😉