Don’t Fence Me In…

Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop, wrangled by Joy Vernon. Now Joy always sets a tasty topic but this time she did leave me with enough rope to hang myself with several times over… or maybe it was that I signed up too early and was hoisted by my own petard… I’ve mentally written and deleted several posts. I forgot what most of them were but I know you came dangerously close to hearing tales of hedgehogs after I decided that I wouldn’t inflict you with my bridezilla horror story… Though PSA – (this is for UK) should you ever find yourself being booked for a tarot hen party, getting positive feedback from all guests and getting paid before you leave, only to get a phone call 2 days later from a hen who decided that actually, they would sooner have had a medium and who then turns on the tears trying for a refund… here’s some very useful info I got from the citizen’s advice bureau – firstly the issue has to be addressed on the day… then secondly here’s a point of law to keep up your Queen of Sword’s sleeve…
If you told them that their service was good enough when it was done, you don’t have the legal right to get it done again or get a discount.
Oh yeah… so what was that topic? Ok… sure I could go look again to see for certain but then I risk finding out that I’m not on topic with what I finally plumped for, so I’ll just grab the wild card and play that…
–Feel totally unfenced! You’re free to ride off into whatever open lands this topic spurs in you, just take your tarot cards along!
So… I finally decided what to write about as I was driving home from a May ball, watching the sun come up and cruising through the countryside roads with not another soul in sight at 4am… My radio long ago gave up the ghost and I found myself singing “Don’t fence me in…”
Initially rather than thinking about cards, I thought about Tarot as a whole and the freedom that comes with having the license to practice as you please… I thought about the different ways I like to work and I started to laugh as it occurred to me that I have 3 ways of working and they correspond pretty neatly with my birth court cards. Suddenly, I had my card to write about…



A Transparent Tarot trio

Then I also thought about a recent court that made its way into my presence…
The 4th Element in my Sealey Court and then a spread was born…
The top 3 cards are your 3 birth courts and 3 ways you currently use your tarot… My Virgo/Libra/Saggitarius combo throws up three cards, obviously some of you will have repeats in there, in which case switch the positions to something that works for you. For example, for the Sun position think about how your court card defines your purpose, for the Moon – how does your card inform your instincts and for the Ascendant – what is your public persona.
The card at the bottom – The Gift…
Yes, we may be born one way but that doesn’t mean that we stay fenced in there… For the Gift, shuffle up the rest of your court cards and pull one out to see what new ways of working are available to you…
So, I’m going to giddy up and gallop you through my cards as yet again I’m still up at 4.21am and the clock is ticking now to catch some zzzzzzs before the rest of the world wakes up…
Sun – Virgo – Knight of Pentacles
This relates to my community type work – the gigs for local charities, the bartering of services/skills with others. Also, the slow leisurely reads that dig deep and plod on until the answer is unearthed to be polished…
Moon – Libra – Queen of Swords
This I relate to email readings, carefully crafting precise sentences to convey in words what I see in pictures. Also, the slayer of BS be it bridezillas or whatev’…
Asc – Saggitarius – Knight of Wands
Now, this is the fun stuff! The wham! bam! thank you ma’am! whizz them through of fast and furious event readings. Also the part of me that quite enjoys getting home as the sun comes up and laughing at nosy neighbours who think I’m doing the walk of shame after a one night stand! 😀
The Gift – Page of Cups
This sits nicely with something that I’ve done for many years as play really but lately it’s something that I am shifting more time and attention towards… Rather than using Tarot, I tune in and draw pictures for people and then write up anything that comes to mind as I paint… Spirit art? Soul art? Divination doodles? Playing with crayons 😀
I’m going to leave that there and you can play around with the spread if you feel so inclined or you can jump through the hole in the fence to visit my neighbours…

15 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In…

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  2. Oh, nice idea to consider your Sun/Moon/Asc as aspects of the work you do. I get QWands and a doubled up QCups, of course both my usual significators, but fun to think of them as how I work. I’ll have to play with them some but it’s definitely on the mark.

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  3. Yep! been there and had that one when I have been out and about working. I find these days I have to state the obvious at the time. Wow at the gift of psychic art! It’s something I have tried to tap into but that best I get is a cross between Mr Messy and something left over from a Dilbert cartoon.

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    • Trust me, the obvious was stated several times and I don’t confirm any bookings until we agree on type of readings to be done and what that involves… Unfortunately every couple of years, I encounter a special kind of stupid who mis-identifies me as being a dippy hippy pushover…
      My psychic art is very messy! That’s part of the fun! 😂


  4. This is a very cool spread to look at, thank you! And also for the reminder to reconsider the Transparent Tarot. Sorry you had to deal with such an unfortunate tarot prof situation. They were out of line for sure.


  5. I have Cancer/Aquarius/Scorpio so Queen of Cups, Knight of Swords, and Knight of Cups, I think. I’m not totally sure about the correspondences. Interesting… honestly, I feel like a Queen of Swords most of the time, probably living too much in my head and ignoring the all too easy realm of the heart that the Queen of Cups rules over.

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  6. The system I used would give Q of C, Kg of S, and Kg of C… There seems to be 3 main ways. The way you have used, the way I used (Qs stay the same but Kgs and Kns switch) then another set that comes up by looking at decans where card covers last decan of one sign and first two of next sign… Then tarot being tarot, I guess there are other ways that people find that work for them…
    I like that you say “most of the time” as I think that over time we get to experience aspects of all the cards within ourselves.


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