Burn for the Lord

Why don’t you make things easy for yourself? He said – Why don’t you just go to the post office and sort out your forms there? Hmmm… Yeah, I always forget that there’s a post office there… Yeah, just a little walk to the end of the road, less than 5 minutes… Yeah, what could […]

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Two of teacups

This morning (technically yesterday morning but I’ve not been to bed yet so on KST yesterday is still to happen) my favourite teacup bit the dust. I have no idea how it happened. It had been sat minding its own business on my desk. Mr S, always the first up had gone to make me […]

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Finally a name

There lives in my head, a poem I first read at school. It’s one of the few things I have perfectly memorised… Most of the things I have memorised are for practical reasons – my NI number as I knew damn well that I’d never be able to keep a single piece of paper safe […]

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Night Mares

I started the day without a care in the world. The sun was trying to push its way through, I had very little on my rota, work was quickly done and my final solo leg homewards bound felt like a good to be alive day. I cranked up the radio and kept my foot on […]

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Boy’s Toys…

There’s something about a tidy room, that just lures me into making a mess… Yesterday morning I see the carpet for about half an hour before it becomes buried under woodchips. I like to carve wands, I never use them, but I like to sit and while away time that way and see where my […]

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Forgotten Flowers

Sifting through my emails, I find one from 5 years ago, addressed to myself… The subject line reads FPO… I’m puzzled as to what that could be. No doubt at the time it made perfect sense to me… I wonder why I’m such an idiot when it comes to filing my own things. When I […]

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Busting the Myth

Foraging through photos, this morning, I stumbled across the first hedgehog visitor that I managed to snap in my garden… A week prior to this Mr S had been boo hoo hooing about the total annihilation of all his new plants by the resident slugs. I was more than ready to go to war with […]

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Triptych turn up

A photo reappeared from 8 years ago… It pauses me with how grainy and slightly out of focus it looks… It’s funny how the eye adjusts and forgets… At the time, it looked pristine and sharp and I marveled at the tech on my phone… I wonder how long until the crisp images on my […]

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