From the Hand of Sedna…

For February, my article for  Soul Path Magazine focused on Sedna and journeys…

So, firstly grab your weapon of choice… mine just happens to be tarot, but you can use an oracle if you choose…

Find yourself a nice big space… My cards are pretty big so I found the floor to be ideal.

Seat yourself comfortably and take a few minutes to focus on your breath and when it falls into a natural easy rhythm, take your cards and swirl them around and whilst you swirl, think about your own journey, where you are now and where you want to be and whilst you are thinking, start to form the cards into the shape of a hand.

Once you have your hand shape in place, sit to pause and focus back into your breathing and then when you are ready pull some of the cards away from each digit as though they have been severed, to give 5 piles, and then turn over the top card that has appeared from the break.


Cards used ~ Tarot in the Land of Mystereum (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

Consider the following questions:

THUMB: What seemingly impossible dream can you set out to reach right now, if you harness your energy and allow it to express into the world?

INDEX FINGER: How can you tap into your own spirituality to manifest changes in your own life, which will be inspirational to others?

MIDDLE FINGER: How do you overcome obstacles on your journey whilst also maintaining harmonious relationships?

RING FINGER: In the name of creative expression… What would you risk your life for?

PINKY: What inner resources do you have to call on to combat a sense of defeat?

Again, return your focus to your breathing and when you are ready, approach this final question:

When you drop judgement and notions of right and wrong and replace that by acknowledging, accepting and taking responsibility for the choices that you have made…

What potential for growth and transformation does that bring into your life on mind, body and spirit levels?

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Trawling the Depths with Tiamat…

To launch the New Year, my article for  Soul Path Magazine focused on Tiamat and creation…

Take your deck, sort through it and put it into order… it’s a personal choice, so work with a system that feels right for you.

Once all in order, place the cards face down and spread the deck out in a straight line.

Next, take a few minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breath and allow it to fall into your own natural rhythm, then when you feel ready, call upon Tiamat and ask for her help. The words that came to me were:

Tiamat, help me to delve into my deepest feelings and discover the secrets that I keep secret from myself.

Using both hands, swirl the deck around and around. Imagine it spiraling into chaos… Do this for as long as you like, then in your own time, start to move the cards to sweep out into 5 waves…

From each wave, pull one card at will, in any order, as each wave catches your eye. When you have 5 cards, place them in a row, again in any order that feels to be right, then number them from left to right as 1 to 5 and use them to contemplate the following questions:



  1. How can I become more aware of the strength, depth, height and potential of my ideas?
  2. How can I experiment and explore my creativity with wisdom and humour?
  3. How can I use my imagination to bring ideas from deep dark places into a place of light?
  4. Where can I find vibrant partnerships to share my ideas and creations?
  5. Where are my blind spots? What can’t I see when my thoughts are churning?

Now take all of your thoughts and answers and turn them to one final question:

How do I best ride the waves of my creativity?

To read this  in full and more great articles by a host of talented people,

check out Soul Path Magazine

It’s a massive 56 pages this month …