Night Mares

I started the day without a care in the world. The sun was trying to push its way through, I had very little on my rota, work was quickly done and my final solo leg homewards bound felt like a good to be alive day. I cranked up the radio and kept my foot on […]

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Anyone Can Play Guitarot…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Welcome aboard the tarot blog hop musical express, directed by Jay Cassels who invited us to get our Gleek on. I do remember the exact notes but I’m fairly certain that artistic license and ad-libbing was pre-approved and so although I can on occasion just about carry a tune in a bucket, I’ll spare […]

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The Love Lanes Festival

Who says nothing happens in Leicester? There’s loads happening if you know where to look… I got a phone call Monday that made my day… It was Maz the owner of The Very Bazaar, looking for a tarot reader. This filled my little Tarot heart with glee as The Very Bazaar is where my very […]

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